HP Tuners VCM Suite
List of MPVI2 features:

  1. Universal credits
  2. Online licensing system
  3. USB connection
  4. Bluetooth connection
  5. Direct molded OBD2 connector
  6. Optional OBD2 extension cables
  7. Optional Expandable 8GB microSD internal memory
  8. Expansion Port connection
  9. Optional Standalone Flashing via Bluetooth (release TBA)
  10. Optional Standalone Datalogging (release TBA)
  11. Optional Pro Feature Set (release TBA)
  12. HPT file Edit and Save without license
Special ERM Performance Tuning pricing starts at $299.99 for the Standard MPVI2, optional PRO Feature Set is $249.99, Universal Credits are $47.49 each and the optional Hub Expander is $TBD.  Also shipping is free in the 48 contiquous United States

Or select the MPVI1 to MPVI2 Upgrade path at $189.99 which will take your current MPVI (Pro or Standard) and consolidate existing type and licenses from your legacy unit into a brand new MPVI2 unit. 

The Pro Feature Set provides access for the Hub Expander and Stand Alone (Black Box) Data Logging and Flashing. This software/hardware setup is not released yet but will not require you return the MPVI2 that is being provided. Upon release, we will process that portion of your order and provide all the details on downloading his update. In the mean time you can utilize all the other features and supported vehicles the new MPVI2 provides. The soon to be released Hub Expander will give you easy analog/digital interface (Enhanced I/O without the O) to connect HP Tuners to your wideband, fuel pressure sensor etc as well as Black Box Logging (no laptop required). 


Special Package prices including our Version 2.0 Tuning Training Course can be found to the left in the ERMPT Pkg Discount columns if you order the items below with our recommended 2 credits. If additional credits are required, they can be added from the cart.

By adding one of the Widebands from below, you will have bought a turnkey Tuning System with all the tools needed to learn to Tune and perform what you have learned.

Additional options can be added as follows:

AEM 30-0334 with LSU 4.9 sensor -- $235.00
Ballenger AFR500v2 with NTK Sensor -- $364.00

Additional Credits @ $47.49 each

Credits are now universal and can be used on any supported platform
Customer Tune and Custom Tunes Development Support
After the training seesions or when you think you are ready, its on to the actual tuning.....what we all bought this thing for :-) Our Tune support Program can take on various different looks depending on the skill level of the student and complexity of his or her project.
If our training worked, and we believe it will....we would expect the student to take on a large portion of the initial tune planning and development tasks. ERM Peformance Tuning will be by your side every step of the way to assist in the development of your tune. All this is also accomplished through our one-on-one interactive support technology as used in the Training Module. Besides tune support, we will be there to assist in your setup of PID lists, Histograms and Filters into easy to use Configuration Files as you begin logging the results of your effort. Error correction and validation will be performed to verify the changes made are exact to your tuning goals. 
Where could you ever expect to get those personal, one on one support from any of the other on-line or in-attendance seminars offered today.....and on your vehicle! Why spend thousands of dollars and all that time away from home only to have a million questions afterwards and almost o where to turn. We will be there 24/7 for all you Tuning needs.
Head over to our videos section and see a short clip on our services in action.......
HPTuners VCM Suite Training Course Overview
Below is the typical syllabus for a training program to become skilled with the HPTuners Suite and increase your productivity

  • HPTuners Initial Startup and Setup -- complimentary with VCM Suite order (coming soon)
  1. HPTuners setup and startup (Backup discussion)
  2. VCM Help -- Walkthrough
  3. VCM Scanner Beginners review -- Walkthrough/default setup connected to owners vehicle
  4. VCM Editor Beginners review -- Walkthrough, Read of owners file and folder set up
  • Engine Sensors
  1. Overview on sensor operation and influence on tuning
  • Tuning and Engine Operation Terms
  1. Overview of most often used terms and their descriptions
  • Drive by Cable vs Drive by Wire
  • Tuning Strategies
  1. Discusses the various options and why/when to use them
  • Tuning Phases
  1. Discusses the tuning process from key on to wide-open throttle
  • VCM Scanner Advanced review
  1. Discussions on the detailed setup and process for logging - PID's, Histograms, Filters and
error collection/correction
  • VCM Editor Advanced review 
  1. Discussion on the parameters available to the tuner and how the affect the tune
  • Injectors (subject in its self)
  1. Selection and requirements, traps and pitfalls
  • Dyno vs. Street Tuning
  1. Discuss their pro's and con's as well as safety
  • Any other topics Students have an interest in
 Curriculum Template
Training Questionnaire
Build Questionnaire