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    Training by the Hour
    This represent HPTuners or EFI Live software use only and does not include tuning a vehicle: only the use and operation of the Editor and Scanner.
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    Training Packages
    Order Training Packages at 5, 10 or 20 hrs and receive large discounts Makes a great B'day or holiday gift! A 5 hr package is $200 A 10 hr package is $375 A 15 hr package is $500 A 20 hr package is $600
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    Tune Support
    Tune support includes the collaborative assistance to develop the tune , scanner configuration setup, logging and develop updates until complete First hour is $125 and each subsequent hour after that is $75
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    Turn Key Tuning
    Turn Key tuning includes up to 1 hr consultation between customer and tuner for setup detail exchange, etc. Also includes reasonable interactive support including but not limited to scanner setup, logging, develop updates and re-flash..etc.
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